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Doctor Who [One Otp] | Nine x Rose

“I’m the Doctor, this is Rose Tyler. She’s my “plus one”

Because Nine loved her first. <3

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Once Upon A Time GIF Challenge.

The first GIF in your folder is you upon meeting Emma:


Your 9th GIF is your reaction to the stranger coming to Storybrooke:


Oh look, it’s Regina! The 14th GIF is your reaction:


Oh no! She just tore down Henry’s playground! What are you gonna do? (Use GIF 12 to find out):


You need to make a deal with Mr. Gold. The 6th GIF is your reaction:

The 24th GIF is what you’re making the deal about:


GIF 22 is the outcome of this deal:


The 10th GIF is how you feel about Regina killing Graham:

The 19th GIF is you upon meeting Henry:


Your best friend in all of Storybrooke is (use GIF 16):

Here comes Mary Margaret! GIF 30 is how you feel about this encounter:


You just ran into Hook and he has started flirting with you. GIF 33 is your reaction:


Once upon a time